Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3

Today was our first day working at Linda Vista Escuela, the school near the Eco Lodge, where we are helping to build three bathroom stalls. We played some soccer first with the students, then some of us dug holes (3-4 feet wide, 3-4 feet deep) and in two different groups we went down to the Rio Sarapiqui to bring back sand to make concrete and river rocks to line the drain leading away from the toilets. This is usually the dry season in this part of Costa Rica, but today was our rainiest day so far, so much of the work we did was in showers, mist, downpours, and so forth!

We worked until noon and then took a ride in the back of Rodolfo’s cattle truck to his farm, where he grows ornamental plants (many of which we recognized from home!) among other things, and his property is extraordinary. Lunch was tilapia fresh from the pond twenty feet away along with fried plantains, yucca patties (a lot like latkes), and veggies. After lunch we did some leadership and team-building activities, then toured Rodolfo’s farm. By this time is was late afternoon, so, as the rain poured down, we planned some English lessons for the students at the school, and headed back to our homestays for the evening.

Tomorrow, we will arrive at the work site bright and early at 7:00 AM to continue our work on the bathrooms, and in the afternoon Berkeley Carroll students will teach English lessons, then have lessons of their own in traditional Costa Rican cooking at Olga’s and Barney’s house (where we will also meet their rescued baby anteater). We are looking forward to it!

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