Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Days 4 and 5

Yesterday was our second full work day, and boy was it hard!! We shoveled, filled in a septic tank, played soccer with the kids, and even taught them some English words, such as those having to do with animals, brushing teeth, supermarket items, and more. Afterwards, we traveled Doña Olga's home and tried to cook tortillas. Unfortunately, the corn was too soft and moist because the weather was not good, but we had delicious popcorn, bread, and cookies. It was very tasty!

As of today we have successfully finished the first half of our trip! The day began with more hard work, including the filling of a pit formerly used as a trash hole. We are also two-thirds of the way through the digging of a septic drainage trench. Since the school day was short today, the children spent the second half of their morning helping us with the work. To celebrate our hard work thus far, we had a celebratory lunch of pizza and Coca Cola, and are now on our way to swim in the Sarapiqui River!

Written by Ean and Elise

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